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Here's our latest on Ponce:

A final assessment of the Ponce municipality has been conducted 2 Dec 2017, an interval of 11 days. Comms, medical services, major roads, food and water (in urban areas) have been restored to nearly normal operations; schools and power have some functionality. We give this an overall assessment as On Plan, but note that aid is still needed in isolated areas. With a confidence assessment of medium based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 52 of 71 schools are open. This is modest progress since initial assessment 11 days ago (49 schools were open).

FCC cell sites: 15 of 103 sites are out (14.6%). This is a modest improvement since initial assessment 11 days ago, when 19 sites were out.

Electricity: 292 sites are energised, mainly in the town. This is a modest improvement since initial assessment (12 additional sites). One of Ponce’s five public hospitals is still waiting for grid power to be restored (same as at initial assessment). Many communities are still waiting for electricity.

Medical: Four of Ponce’s five public hospitals have grid power (no change since initial assessment 11 days ago).
There are two satellite health centres with grid power (El Tuque, Cantera); and one mobile health centre.

Food and water aid: FEMA and the National Guard have distributed food and water up to 17 Nov. The RSA pick-ups to the municipality appear to have stopped 1 Nov. However, Red Cross distribution is ongoing as at 27 Nov. Community leaders are still distributing food and water in Borinquen neighborhood as at 2 Dec.

24 Nov: In La Playa and numerous other communities, uncollected garbage and vermin are an ongoing problem which worsens each time it rains.

Examples: Morell Campo, Bo. Salistral, Urb. Santa Teresa; Urb. Glenview Gardens Escosia street (W-24) and Eudoxio street facing the park; Urb Villa Flores Begonia Street, Pronlongacion Vives Street; Calle Reina, plus 10 other sites posted on the same FaceBook page on 24 Nov.

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