Río Grande

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Here's our latest on Río Grande:

An assessment of the Rio Grande municipality was conducted on 12/5/17. The initial assessment was done on 11/3/17 for an interval of 32 days. Water and Electricity are still a daily problem for the bulk of the people in this municipality and food access is somewhat limited. We give this an overall Behind Plan based mostly on lack of water and electricity and unreliable assistance for rural areas. This is a Med-High confidence assessment based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality.
Specific details are:

Water: 94 deliveries of water, latest on 11/30 by RSA.

Food: 109 distributions of food, latest on 11/30 from RSA, three open grocery stores in the pueblo area.

Medical: 7 EPAPs and 1 dialysis center open; Centro de Diagnóstico y Tratamiento - Río Grande is open but several doctor's offices remain closed

Comm: 33% of cell towers are down.

Roads: Most roads appear to be open with no closings noted on map. The USDA Forestry Service reports major work on PR-191 through the El Yunque Rainforest and will only have one lane open at a time

Schools: There are 8 out of 18 schools open.

Electricity: AEE lists Rio Grande as having no grid power as of November 27.

Special notice: The El Yunque Rainforest is closed to the public until further notice. Per the USDA Forest Service: “El Yunque National Forest will remain closed until further notice after Hurricane Maria. Clean up efforts and initial assessments to the Forest's ecological resources and facilities are currently underway.”

Sources: PR News websites (1), USDAFS site (2), status.pr.gov (5), Google maps (2), FCC Maria Update site

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