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We give this an overall assessment as On Plan.
An final assessment of the Sabana Grande municipality has been conducted 2 Dec 2017, an interval of 35 days. Schools, medical and comms have been restored to nearly normal operations. There is limited water, food and electricity. With a confidence assessment of MEDIUM based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

chools: 7 of 10 schools are open. This is positive progress since initial assessment 35 days ago (5 schools were open).

Medical: Hospital Bernice Guerra Sabana Grande is operational.

FCC cell sites: 2 of 14 sites are out (14.3%). This is significant change since initial assessment 35 days ago, when 9 sites were out.

Electricity: 7 sites have had grid power connected since initial assessment 35 days ago, including 2 Barrios, 2 smaller communities, the AAA water pump and three individual streets. Status 25 Nov, according to the municipal authority: 65% of households have electricity. The municipal authorities are day-to-day monitoring the ESA. The damage was considerable and the ESA does not have the poles and materials to improve the service faster. The municipality has hired two former ESA employees to help solve the pockets that remain when the service arrives. 100+ residents commented on this announcement, about lack of power, including local pockets (bolsillos) where there is no power.

Water: Status 25 Nov, according to the municipal authority: 90% of households have drinking water. Some residents are reporting that their tap water is not potable.

Food and water aid: RSA pick-ups (supplies to the municipality) have continued to 27 Nov. However, some residents are reporting that food supplies have stopped, 25 Nov.

Roads: Status 25 Nov, according to the municipal authority: they have worked to open and cleaned the roads affected by debris.

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