San Germán

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Here's our latest on San Germán:

Update 11/30/2017 Initial assessment 11/9 - an interval of 21 days.

Schools:13 of 15 schools are open. Six were open at initial assessment. Significant improvement.

Communication: Only 1 tower of 26 remains to be repaired (3.8% outage rate).

Medical Access: One hospital and 4 EPAP pharmacies are open. Mobile clinic will bring free medical, dental, and optometric treatment to San German December 3 - 5.

Water: Businesses and volunteer groups continue to distribute bottled water and food and supplies to families. FEMA continued to deliver water throughout the month of November. The organization, Samaritan's Purse, taught community leaders how to install home made water filters so they can teach residents. Noticias de San Germán y del Oeste posts that 98% of water subscribers in San German have water in their homes. Most of the 222 comments following this post dispute the figures.

Electricity: There are 20 sites connected to the grid. Hospitals, water plants, and residential areas are the main areas connected. Noticias de San German y de Oeste posts that 70 of the homes have electricity. 222 comments follow this post. Most are asking when they will get light.

Food: Red Cross and RSA continued to deliver food and supplies daily to San German in November. There are four supermarkets open. 

Roads: There have been several accidents involving rocks put on the road intentionally. The accident is caught on camera and posted on social media. Google Maps shows no road closures in San German.

Items of note: La Fundación Familia Bravo y el Municipio de San Germán held a Thanksgiving dinner and service for families.

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