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Here's our latest on San Juan:

An assessment of the San Juan municipality has been conducted. It has been 13 days since the last assessment. Roads, Communication, Medical and has been restored to nearly normal operations, This municipalitie has electrical grid power in a large number of barrios with generators running everywhere but potentially the Quebrada Arenas barrio.There is a large number of grocery stores or convenience markets open. We give this an overall assessment as Ahead of Plan . With a confidence assessment of High based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: Running water appears to be everywhere but the outskirts of the municipality There were 118 water deliveries prior to the end of November

Food: There are 48 grocery stores/convenience markets open. There were 137 food deliveries prior to the end of November

Medical: 2 hospitals plus a 250 bed temporary Army hospital are open

Comm: 319 of 369 comm towers are restored plus dozens of temporary wifi hotspots set up.

Roads: Roads are open although some flooding when it rains. Carr 176 appears to be in bad shape and access to housing along that one road is uncertain.

Schools: 102 of 125 schools are open

Electricity: Tesla established a new power generation station. The original power generation plant has been restored, although a major outtage was experienced in early November. Looking at the VIIRS Day/Night Band of the NPP satellite, it's clear that grid power has been restored to a large portion of the city although outlying areas appear to be reliant on generator power. Once municipality Quebrada Arenas appears to still be in bad shape based on facebook postings

Items of note: an orphanage is missing half of its roof since Maria (Nov 18th)

Sources: 8 social media, 12 new sites, 6 government sites

Rio Piedras Sub-Municipality: Rio Piedras:
Info provided in part by Pres of PR Tourism Commission as of Nov 29th :
- 30% of resudents outside of town is still without electricity
- 40% is still without potable water
- Land/Cell service is working in metropolitan area
- Food is available in restaurants & supermarkets
- schools are still open, however, 11 programs were closed at University of PR (affecting nearly 2000 students) due to infrastructure and building conditions.

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