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An assessment of the San Sebastian municipality has been conducted. Several areas are improving but very little is truly at normal operations, Roads, Food, Medical Access and Communication have functionality. Most schools are open. Local teams have reconnected parts of the power grid. Potable water appears to be still somewhat reliant on bottled water for this municipality. Anheiser Busch is bringing in bottled water as recently as last week. We give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan as the municipality is operating on deliveries of water and power is shaky The situation in San Sebastian was complicated by multiple flooding events. The status has a confidence assessment of Medium based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: Water has been distributed 59 times, last government distribution 18 Nov

Food: Food has been distributed 43 times, last government distribution 18 Nov

Medical: A dialysis center is up and functioning and the hospital also now appears functioning with power

Comm: There is at least 16 of 21 cell towers functioning

Roads: One auxilary road appears washed out

Schools: 15 of 22 schools open

Electricity: Some electrical activity, based on generator power is noted

San Sebastian has suffered multiple flooding events since the Hurricane as well as a magnitude 3.3 earthquake on 16 Oct. It has a reported more criminal activity than most of the municipalities with food and water identified as the motive in at least two events. The population is spread out over many different hilly areas and some of the food has been provided via airdrop due to lack of roads.

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