Santa Isabel

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Here's our latest on Santa Isabel:

Update 11/24/2017. Initial assessment was 11/11/2017 - an interval of 13 days.

Schools: 6 of 12 schools are open in 4 barrios. This is one additional school since initial assessment.

Communication: 12 of 18 cell towers are out of service (66.7% outage).

Medical Access: Status PR shows 0 hospitals open in Santa Isabel.

Electricity: AEE map shows 54 sites with grid power in Santa Isabel.11/22 fire in generator caused a 3+day outage in the Rio Negro area. New wiring has to be flown in.

Water: Photos posted to Facebook on 10/29 show people carrying large containers of water Facebook request on Oct. 12 to send water and food to a Santa Isabel address. Red Cross and RSA continue to deliver bottled water to Santa Isabel.

Food: There are still only two markets open. The Stop & Go site is still actively providing food and services to residents. Red Cross, FEMA, and RSA delivered food, water, and supplies throughout November.

Roads: PR-1 is closed near the border between Santa Isabel and Salinas. Highway 536 is closed north of Las Ollas. An alternative route is available. The bridge between Santa Isabel and Juana Diaz is not currently marked as closed. (Google maps).

Items of Note: There is no mention of the wind farm being reconnected to the electrical grid.

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