Channel Coordinators

Can be done by any of the above roles if they have time and comfort level.


  • Monitor the channel, and make sure any new volunteers get oriented to their tasks.

  • Make sure above protocols seem to be going smoothly and not too behind on data entry etc.

  • Make sure the channel topic stays updated with who’s currently doing what.

  • If someone needs to depart, and we have a gap in staffing, troll #dutystaffing to pull more volunteers. Use judgment to determine whether more than one volunteer is needed for each role, as workload will change with ground conditions and time.

  • Be a point person for questions. Note: pinned posts in the channel offer additional information as questions arise, such as what to do with a post asking for relief help (non-rescue help, like someone who is safe but looking for housing or non-emergency supplies), what to do if we receive new medical information about a person in need of rescue.

  • Try to ensure there is another coordinator to hand off to before leaving.


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