Burner Helpers

  1. Instructions only available on slack.

Misc. Boat Owner Helpers

  1. If you are identified as a resource for pulling boating information, please ask to join the Slack channel #burner-comms, and monitor the discussion there.

  2. If you are identified as a primary Twitter contact, begin monitoring:

    1. Twitter for Direct Messages (DMs) with new boat volunteers, and

    2. Twitter for boat-related tweets where you are tagged

  3. Open the Irma Boater Doc (see slack)

  4. As new boat resources come in, search to see if the contact is already in the document. If not, enter the information in the boat list with a note that it is “NOT VETTED”

  1. Work through the boat list looking for entries that are not vetted. Call and/or text the phone number provided and do a quick verification of their information. Try to get and enter into the document the following, if possible:

    1. Whether or not they are available with boats to help rescue people and/or animals

    2. How many boats

    3. Are they medically trained?

    4. Do they have the link to the IrmaRescue map that shows where people are who need rescue? If not, offer to text them the map link, found on slack, which is usable on smart phones:

  2. If you are unable to reach them, add a note about how you have attempted, and whether you have sent them an SMS message, voicemail, etc., highlighted in blue

  3. When you are able to confirm and enter their information, update the note to say VETTED, highlighted in green to draw attention to the fact that they should be broadcast.

  4. Keep going through the list looking for areas we can improve the data.


Link to most commonly spoken languages in Florida:

If you speak any of the languages on the linked list, please join channel #translators on Slack.

Translators available on slack.

Things to know 

 *info for helping deaf, HOH, and speech impaired in need of help/rescue*  Please let them know that Florida Relay is still up and running 24/7, so they can still make calls using their TTY machines and *should* still be able to place emergency calls through the relay service; if they do not have power to use their TTY machines, they can download an internet relay app and make calls using that system--it uses the exact same relay centers

Please include if a person is deaf, HOH, or speech impaired for the rescuers!

its no good if help comes but they arent rescued because no one answered after rescue called for them and there was no answer!

There is a list with triage colors according to urgency of the medical problems and I believe they updated this in the general channel earlier with a better description of what qualified for each color that I will try to find.

The medievac pink was being used for less than 2 hours of O2, diabetic without food or insulin, severe post-surgery complications, etc. that can't wait.

There are lots of entries in the Rescue Doc that show medical problems with very vague descriptions so those people are being called to get a list of specific symptoms, amount of meds left and other pertinent info so they can be appropriately triaged.


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