Updating Rescue Status

Updating Rescue Status

  1. First Steps

    1. Join the #rescuedrops Slack channel

    2. Request access to the Master sheet

    3. Open the Master Rescue Doc, the Incident Update (IU) sheet, and the Incident Update (IU) form

    How to submit Incident Updates

    1. Monitor #rescuedrops for information about new updates

    2. Search to see if the update has already been reported by checking the IU sheet

    3. If an update has not been reported, open the Master sheet and find the Rescue ID (IRM-XXXXX) that needs updating.

    4. Open the IU form and…

    5. Enter the Rescue ID

    6. Enter the new information

    7. Be sure to tell us how you learned this new information. If you see that somebody was rescued based on social media, link us to the post!

    8. Do you need to update the priority (emergent, urgent, semi-urgent) or status (marking somebody as rescued)? Do that!

    How to enter updates on the Master sheet

    1. Request access to the IU sheet

    2. Open the Master sheet and the  IU sheet

    3. Look for cases in the IU sheet where “Update logged?” is “No”

    4. Use the Rescue ID (IRM-XXXXX) or other identifying information to find the rescue request on the Master sheet

    5. Enter the updated information into the Master sheet

    6. Enter the date/time in the “Last Contact” column

    7. Change the “Update logged?” flag in the IU sheet to “Yes”

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