Updating the Master Rescue Document

Spreadsheet Write Access

  1. Access is restricted and must be granted by owner. Please post in #spreadsheet if you want to be granted access to edit.  Too many editors can cause the spreadsheet to crash, so this number is limited.

  2. Open the Master Rescue Document (request access in slack) and the Incident Update Request Document. Both need to be open at the same time

  3. When editing one incident, copy the incident number from the Incident document and go to the Master.  Ctrl F will open the find box.  Paste the incident number into the find box.  Update the spreadsheet with the information.  

  4. Updating information:

    1. If the incident has been resolved (rescued from situation or no longer requires rescue) scroll to the right until you see the Status column.  Mark as rescued. Row should turn green.

    2. If the priority has changed, scroll to the right to the priority column and choose the new priority.  The row color will change to yellow, orange or red depending on the priority chosen. If the row is white, a priority has not been chosen.

    3. If the incident is a duplicate of another open or closed case, scroll to the right to the status column and choose duplicate. This will turn the row white and put a thin line through all text.

    4. If information needs to be updated, choose the correct column and update the phone number, address etc.

    5. If a follow-up call has been logged, scroll to the right to last follow up and put in the timestamp of the follow-up and contents of update.

  5. Updating in Batches: 2 scripts are available to update multiple lines at a time.  One for updating rescues, and one for updating duplications.  Instructions: Go to Top of Master Rescue and click on Harvey Tool and Change status to Rescued. For your first attempt, you may get an error stating authorization required, follow instruction to allow or bypass the authorization.  Paste your cells and into Textbox containing IDs and click ok.  The script will run and change the lines to rescued.  You have to click on each one to authorize the change.  It is a little slow and you have to click ok as each one is changed.  Use same process for Change status to Duplicate. You don't need to clean up the text first, even sentences or paragraphs containing ids will work, sentences in the incident reports that say "Please change 11111,22222,55555 to duplicate" can be pasted in as is.


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