Volunteer Channel Access

Getting Access to the CrowdRescueHQ Slack Team

  1. To join our Slack team, you must fill out this form and you will receive an email with a link to let you join.

2. Once you have a Slack account, please head to our #cr_boot_camp channel. You will be trained in Slack and sent to the channel with the most needs.

  1. Slack is not terribly intuitive. Once you are in the group [https://crowdrescuehq.slack.com/]  you will need to add Channels to see anything besides #general.

  2. On Desktop, click the word “Channels” in the left menu, then search for or scroll the listing and add the channels you want, including #cr_boot_camp, and the channel(s) associated with your selected team. (See Team list above)

  3. On Mobile, you’ll need to install the app. Click the “C” at the top left, then click “Channels” & you will be offered a similar search box to add & or scroll to the channels you want.


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