Toa Alta

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Update 1 Dec 17
Info provided by various official agencies as of Dec 1st:
- 50% of residents are still without electricity
- 40% are still without potable water
- Land/Cell service is working in center of town
- Food is available in restaurants & supermarkets
- many schools are open
- clean up of debris begin this week in 5 neighborhoods. Primary focus is to clear impassible roads to improve driving conditions

An assessment of the Toa Alta municipality has been conducted on 6 Dec. Roads, Communications, Water, Medical and Electricity have some functionality. Most schools are open. Although there is a new repair underway, it would appear many sectors have running water. We give this an overall assessment as On Plan. With a confidence assessment of Medium high based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: Water has returned to some homes, 82 distributions of water, last on 29 November, 4 oasis still working

Food: Seven grocery stores are open, and aid is being delivered. 79 distributions of food, last on 29 November

Medical: There are 10 Pharmacies open honoring the EPAP program. Hospitals in neighboring Bayamon are functioning.

Comm: 35 of 43 towers are functioning

Roads: Work is being done on the Virgencita bridge and is already partially restored.

Schools: 14 out of 18 schools open.

Electricity: Electricity has been restored to some parts of Toa Alta, but it is so far intermittent and probably a little behind compared to other urban areas.

Items of note: The Villa Juventud community in the municipality of Toa Alta is in danger of collapsing.

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