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Here's our latest on Trujillo Alto:

A final assessment of the Trujillo Alto municipality has been conducted 5 Dec 2017, an interval of 27 days. Communications, Food, Water, and Medical have regained much functionality. Many schools are open. Many areas do not have Electricity. Some areas are still isolated by damaged roads. We give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan due to the situation in isolated areas. With a confidence assessment of Medium High based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

"Schools: 15 of 18 schools are open. This is the same as at initial assessment.

Communication: 14 of 47 cell towers are still out (outage rate of 29.8%).

Medical: No hospitals or dialysis centers are reported open on Status PR. 6 EPAP pharmacies are reported open. The NeoMed CDT clinic is open, with grid power. There is a mobile health clinic at the city hall.

Water: Some neighbourhoods do not yet have water service 2 Dec. RSA continued to supply bottled water (the last data on the was on 27 Nov). The municipality announced delivery of bottled water in some neighbourhoods 2 Dec.

Electricity: AEE map shows 2 sites with grid power, an AAA water pumping site and one partial urban site. 1 Dec, the municipality announced that AEE work commenced on five transmission lines and substations; there are over 900 comments from residents who do not have power, replying to this and other announcements 25 Nov to 5 Dec.

Food: Food delivery continued by RSA to 27 Nov. The municipality announced delivery of food in some neighbourhoods 2 Dec. 9 markets are open in 4 barrios.

Roads: Some roads in rural areas are partially blocked by debris and dangerous.

Other: Debris is being collected by the municipality throughout November and week of 5 Dec, but many residents are complaining about the need for debris to be cleared. The municipality conducted fumigation 20 Nov. Operation blue roof continued in Nov (tarps installed for houses with damaged roofs)."

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