Vega Alta

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Here's our latest on Vega Alta:

Update 11/30/2017 Initial assessment 11/3 - an interval of 27 days.

Schools: 11 of 13 schools are open. At initial assessment, no schools were open. Significant improvement.

Communication: 8 of 27 towers still out. (29.6% outage rate). No mobile cell deployed. Significant improvement.

Medical Access: No hospitals, 1 dialysis center and 8 EPAP pharmacies.

Water: Water delivery continued by RSA and Red Cross through November. Facebook post on Nov. 26 shows pallets of bottled water for distribution. Some houses have water service intermittently.

Electricity: Status PR AEE map shows ten sites connected to the electrical grid. They include emergency management, medical, commercial, water, and some residential sites. This compares to no sites in the initial assessment. Many residents have not had light since Hurricane Irma on 9/6/2017. According to community Facebook page, 80% of community has electricity.

The municipality post about local customs was followed by comments about wanting light. For every positive comment about traditions, there were 5 angry residents wanting light.

Food: Food delivery continued by RSA and Red Cross through November. Stop & Go site is still active. Search and Rescue and PR National Guard distributed supplies.

Roads: Google Maps does not show any road closures.

Items of note: The Maria ESF-10 PR Unified Command is a coalition of organizations working to remove boats damaged or sunk by the hurricane in order to prevent fuel and oil spills. Preparations for Navidad/Kings Day celebrations are beginning.

Vega Alta:
Per official FB Town Page
Vega Baja:
Per official gov't page it has been very slow progress complying obtaining FEMA services because of the extensive requirement process. As of Nov 28th:
-80% of town is still without electricity
-Not all neighborhoods have potable water service.
Oasis/Water distribution is limited to town center
- Cell service has improved but is still spotty.
- Food is still being distributed to the neediest of cases in center of town. Some supermarkets are open.
- Not all schools are open as of yet due to road conditions and lack of power & supplies.
- official clean up of debris began last week.
- Town Hall employees teamed up with Fed agencies to provide info & support.

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