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Here's our latest on Vieques:

A final assessment of the Vieques municipality has been conducted 5 Dec 2017, an interval of 37 days. Roads have been restored to nearly normal operations, Schools, and Comms have some functionality. Water, power and medical have very limited functionality. We give this an overall assessment as Behind Plan . With a confidence assessment of medium-low based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Schools: 6 of 13 schools have reopened.

Communication: 7 of 12 towers still out (outage rate of 58.3%). Communication is limited and unstable, as at 3 Dec. 1 Dec, the army has installed a VSAT satellite to improve data communications (internet, VOIP). The civilian network kept crashing and had glitches so the Army had been limited to cell phone and radio.

Medical: Status PR indicates one hospital open but with no electricity, one dialysis center open, and 1 EPAP pharmacy open. The Medical Clinic is open but relying on generator power and operating out of tents. Jason Maddy reports 3 Dec that numerous patients need medical evacuations; generators; and there is a shortage of medical personnel.

Water: Generally there is a lack of clean, potable water as at 3 Dec. There was no water supply until 12 Nov; the water is on and off; the tap water is brown and not potable. Water tankers distribute water to the community (26 Nov). FEMA continued to deliver bottled water on a regular basis throughout November. Jason Maddy brought water to remote areas 3 Dec.

Food: Some grocery stores are open, with shelves mostly stocked (26 Nov). FEMA continues to bring food to the island. Last data was 27 Nov. Jason Maddy brought food to remote areas 3 Dec. Chef Jose Andre has established a satellite kitchen on Vieques which remains in operation.

Electricity: AEE map shows no sites connected to the electrical grid. Multiple reports that there is no power. Some residents have generators but there are gasoline shortages, queues of 4-8 hours and rationing. Generators are being stolen. Ice is hard to find. The generator brought to the island never worked. 4 Dec, Facebook post reports that starting 6 Dec some sectors could start getting power through the "emergency plant". Residents are asked to disconnect their generators.

Other: Lack of tarps; homes are destroyed; business are struggling. The municipality is advising that tourists do not visit Vieques for a few months (early 2018). The Humane Society of America have donated 3700 pounds of medical supplies for horses and other animals, and has launched a long term outreach service.

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