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Here's our latest on Villalba:

An assessment of the Villaba municipality has been conducted, it has been 26 days since the last assessment. 50% of the power and water was restored to nearly normal operations on 4 Nov due to repairs to a local hydro-electric plan. All schools are open. Road, Food, and Medical have some functionality. Communication 66%. We give this an overall assessment as On Plan. Downgraded as they still seem to have issues with the outlying areas and need food distribution. With a confidence assessment of high based on the amount of data we were able to gather in the municipality. Specific details are:

Water: Restoration of the hydroelectric plant has brought water to the central part of Villabla, serving over half it's citizenry. The mountainous regions remain isolated. 67 distributions of water have been provided with last reported on 27 Nov.

Food: Four grocery stores are open. 59 drops of food, last on 24 Nov 17.

Medical: Volunteers went house to house looking in on individuals at the end of October/early November. Initial supplies have been provided. There are 4 EPAP locations.

Comm: 6 pg 9 cell towers are working.

Roads: Several mountainous roads remain impassible. Carretera 151 is cleared but areas are still unsafe and closed to nighttime traffic. Rural roads like Mogote have not been cleared or repaired and can't be accessed, even on foot. PR 1f 49 and PR 561 have portions of unpassable roads.

Schools: All 11 schools are open.

Electricity: 50% power restoration due to the re-opening of the hydro-electric plant

Items of note: The mayor of Villalba got a $50,000 loan to assist in emergency repairs to allow their hydro-electric plant to operate again, ahead of schedule. This has massively improved the condition of Villalba due to a substantial individual community effort to fix this water flow for power generation to this plant. Water was tested and is potable.

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