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Here's our latest on Yauco:

Update 11/30/2017 Initial assessment 11/8 - an interval of 22 days.

Schools: 18 of 30 schools have reopened. 11 were open at initial assessment.

Communication: 4 of 20 cell towers are out (20% outage rate). There is a mobile cell deployed in this area.

Medical Access: No hospitals, one dialysis center, and 7 EPAP pharmacies are open.

Water: RSA pickups of bottled water have continued through November. November 27: "The bomb was activated to bring water to the residents of this community"

Electricity: 16 sites have electrification in Yauco. Two hospitals, water facility, shopping center, and residences show some connection. The mayor acquired bases for concrete poles in order to facilitate electrical connection.

Food: 5 supermarkets are open. Red Cross and RSA deliveries have continued throughout November. A Stop & Go site is still open. This municipality is still highly dependent on aid. Thanksgiving celebration included distribution of supplies, music, and a church service.

Roads: The bridge for Diego Hernandez may be open next week. Google Maps shows PR-2 back in service.

Items of note: Major emphasis this last week has been clearing roads and repairing a bridge. 

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